2018 Student Leadership Team Announced!

By David Semones |  May 18, 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2018 “Mighty Viking Band” Leadership Team!

Drum Major
Naomi Letson
Assistant Drum Major
Josh Russell
Flute Section Leader
Morgan Foran
Flute Squad Leader
Bethany Boone
Clarinet Section Leader
Elliot Tillman
Clarinet Squad Leader
Ally Sullivan
Alto Sax Section Leader
Tyler Johnson
Low Sax Section Leader
Josh Russell
Mellophone Co-Section Leaders
Andi Cameron
Hannah Powers
Woodwind Captain
Elliot Tillman
Brass Captain
Daniel Williams
Color Guard Co-Captains
Xavier Russell
Kaitlyn Snapp
Wes McGrew
Trumpet Section Leader
Wes McGrew
Trumpet Squad Leader
Shanoah Chapman
Trombone Section Leader
Daniel Williams
Low Brass Squad Leader
Corbin Finch
Tuba Section Leader
Jacob Lewis
Percussion Captain
Molly Poore
Tenor Leader
Topher Emerine
Bass Drum Leader
Sam Hale
Pit Co-Leaders
Sophia Jones
Elizabeth Oakley
Equipment/Prop/Truck-Loading Managers
Cole Haga
Sam Thomas
Topher Emerine
Gavin Clouse
Hannah Powers