Band Officers

The THS Mighty Viking Band is proud to announce the Band Officers for 2021/22. 

Drum Majors:
Amy S.

Assistant Drum Major:
R.J. W.
Woodwind Captain:
Katie E.
Flute Section Leader:
Dani G.
Flute Squad Leader:
Sara K.
Clarinet Section Leader:
Katie T.
Saxophone Section Leader:
Juli P.
Saxophone Squad Leaders:
Maddie S.
Will P.
Brass Captain:
Ethan W.
Trumpet Section Leader:
Grayson W.
Trumpet Squad Leader:
Jeremiah W.
Mellophone Section Leader:
Ethan W.
Trombone/Baritone Section Leader:
Macy G.
Trombone/Baritone Squad Leaders:
Winnie H.
Low Sax/Sousaphone Section Leader:
R.J. W.

Percussion Captain:
Peter P.

Colorguard Captains:
Ally H.
Lexee S.
Band Ambassador:
Juli P.
Jeremiah W.
Macy G.