Band Officers

The THS Mighty Viking Band is proud to announce the Band Officers for 2016-2017. 

Drum Majors:
Malissia Perkins
Assistant Drum Major:
Max Fleming
Woodwind Captain:
Megan Stipes
Flute Section Leader:
Katie Barker
Flute Squad Leader:
Hannah McSwain
Clarinet Section Leader:
Megan Stipes
Clarinet Squad Leader:
Sydney Jackson
Saxophone Section Leader:
Jacob Lane
Saxophone Squad Leader:
Maddie Jackson
Brass Captain:
Catherine Gibson
Trumpet Section Leader:
Catherine Gibson
Trumpet Squad Leader:
Buddy Phipps
Trumpet/Mellophone Squad Leader:
Max Fleming
Trombone/Baritone Section Leader:
Tyler Perkins
Trombone/Baritone Squad Leaders:
Brendan Smith & Kayla Vierling
Sousaphone Section Leader:
Laurenne Trigiani
Percussion Captain/Tenor Section Leader:
Dodge Harlan
Percussion Captain/Snare Section Leader:
Grayson Peak

Bass Drum Section Leader:
Molly Poore
Pit Section Leader:
Sophia Jones
Colorguard Captains:
Taylor Duncan & Becca Moore
Tyler Perkins
Emily Chappell & Brendan Smith
Megan Stipes